Blend with Nature

May 10, 2018

Living Area

While Spring may not have sprung quite yet we can easily transform our homes to blend with nature and make those days when we are stuck inside all the better.

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Kitchen To Living Room

Wooden dining tables showcase nature in its original form in the home. Tropical print cushions are one of the easiest ways to bring the outside in as seen here in one of our show houses in Grace Park Wood. Of course, the most eco-friendly (and pocket friendly!) way to welcome nature indoors is through plants and flower arrangements. A potted plant or even a single flower in a vase can instantly brighten that empty corner or lonely console in the hallway. Paint a wall in your favourite earth-inspired colour to give a sense that the room continues beyond the windows.

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Living Room

And when the sun does begin to shine, a Castlethorn home is always perfectly placed within nature…

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